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Advanced Technology

Proprietary Software

To provide the most responsive, cost effective, and accurate service, FRSTeam by West Covina Cleaners has developed the industry’s most advanced software system. This proprietary and comprehensive software suite allows us to centralize all the information for each job. Photographs, logistics, billing, itemization, garment condition notes, garment tracking, total loss documentation, and other features are fully integrated. The advantages to the contractor and adjusters are numerous, including no lost garments, online photographic inventories, a homeowner/adjuster/contractor interface, and full descriptive documentation for each article. We are able to provide these numerous benefits for no additional cost by taking advantage of many automated labor-saving features. This proprietary software is available only through FRSTeam by West Covina Cleaners.

Real Time Site Photography Services

Once on site, a comprehensive photo survey is taken by our trained staff documenting the overall situation, as well as close up photographs of affected garments and textiles. Photographs are labeled by room for easy reference. While still on site, all photographs are uploaded to an on-line password-protected photo gallery. Access to the photographs by adjusters, contractors, etc., begins in real time, even before our staff leaves the location. We will be glad to take additional, non-textile photos for your convenience when requested. (more...)


Real Time Site Photo Services

On-Line Interface

Photographs of items are uploaded to a password-protected gallery for easy reference. The gallery is accessible to the homeowner, adjuster, and contractor. A delivery request can be sent via email just by selecting the on-line photographs of the items desired. Many additional features are currently being developed. Soon it will be possible to search by garment type and the room from which it was removed. Stay tuned.

Bar Code TrackingGarment Tracking

Unlike most garment restoration contractors, FRSTeam by West Covina Cleaners tags every article with a unique barcode to assure no order mixups and that all items are returned to the customer. Additionally, articles are identified by location in the home to permit their segregation by room upon delivery. Customer convenience is always a major consideration.

On-Site Inventory

The entire photographic and itemizing system was developed with portability in mind. If required for couture high-value restoration jobs, a complete descriptive inventory and 100% documentation, including photographs, can be performed on-site. The inventory list and CD, including all photographs, is provided before removing items from the home. Garment conditions are documented as well. This on-site inventory service is not part of our standard service, but available when necessary.

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