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Draperies, Blinds and Tapestries

Draperies, blinds, tapestries, soft and upholstered valances are all professionally cleaned by FRSTeam’s window covering specialists. With specialty cleaning machines for delicate and rubber backed draperies, drapery pleaters, and ultrasonic blind cleaning machines, FRSTeam successfully restores most window coverings, and removes water rings. Services include take-down, rehang, and rod adjustment. In the case of sun rot and black-out lining failure, FRSTeam offers drapery replacement service.

Drapery and blind restoration specialist

Leather and Suede

Leather and suede garments are typically not handled in-house by restoration cleaners. FRSTeam’s specialty cleaning division, Margaret’s The Couture Cleaner, is by no means a “typical” restoration cleaner. This leather cleaning service is renown, comprehensive, and effective. As the service provider to the majority of high-end retailers throughout Southern California, Margaret’s handles the finest leather articles and performs complete refinishing and redyeing when necessary. Chanel, Loro Piana, Gucci and numerous other retail stores trust Margaret’s to service, maintain, and restore their finest articles. A particular specialty is the complete remediation of mold and mildew on leather and suede items. (more...)

Leather and suede restoration specialists

Handbags and Shoes

Handbags and shoes that require thorough cleaning and/or refinishing are are also handled by Margaret’s. With full-time handbag and shoe technicians on staff, including a master cobbler, no restoration project is beyond FRSTeam’s capabilities.

Margaret’s CleanByMail® service is relied upon by customers from across the nation to maintain and restore the finest of handbags. Their broad scope of services range from light surface cleaning to complete refinishing. Relining, zipper replacement, and strap modification are frequently performed repairs.

Handbag and shoe restoration and repair with a master cobbler


Rugs are often the most severely affected textile during a disaster. Soot will eventually settle on the floor, water damage will often singularly effect rugs, and foot traffic during the initial stages of the disaster recovery makes matters worse. Rugs have a wide variety of manufacturing methods and values. FRSTeam recognizes the diversity of rug types and employs the appropriate level of cleaning sophistication. Services range from conventional extraction methods for less expensive rugs to the most delicate of hand cleaning for estate-quality textiles. When needed, FRSTeam consults the nation’s leading rug cleaning experts to evaluate and individually process the finest rugs.

Rug cleaning and restoration

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew severely damages textiles if left untreated or improperly processed. After years of research for an effective treatment, FRSTeam is now uniquely able to offer a resolution for most mold and mildew situations, including leather, suede, fur, handbags, and shoes, in addition to all types of garments and textiles. Mold and mildew restoration on high-value articles can be a cost-saving alternative to total loss. Please inquire for additional information on this proprietary advanced service.

Mold and mildew specialists

Alterations, Reknitting and Reweaving

Insurance claims come in all shapes and sizes. Damage to textiles can result from insects, mechanical stress, and improper cleaning attempts. We are often asked to repair holes and snags, replace beads and sequins, and perform other repairs on fine knit articles, vintage collector textiles, and evening wear. Our alteration and reknitting service is second to none nationwide. Experts of all types are on staff and ready to assist.

Reknitting and reweaving knit repairs

Couture, Collectibles & Specialty Care

A single couture or high-fashion clothing item can easily approach the price of a modest car. Haute couture articles often cost as much as a fine sports car. Obviously, for such high-valued items, specialized attention is warranted. Through Margaret’s The Couture Cleaner division, the most exquisite of garments can be handled with confidence. As the service provider to Nordstom, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Chanel, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, and over 180 fine retailers in Southern California, Margaret’s is the best choice to restore all types of couture clothing and accessories.

Evening wear, including, for example, bias cut satin gowns, are not well suited for conventional restoration techniques and require special delicate treatment. Articles with sequins, beads and appliqués, such as St. John, require special care. With Green Earth, GreenJet, Hydroxyl, and other proprietary cleaning and treatment techniques, FRSTeam by West Covina Cleaners is uniquely positioned to handle such delicate items.

Military uniforms, letterman’s jackets, and other cherished memorabilia can be difficult to clean and are often not in the best of shape even before the disaster. With generations of heritage at stake, total loss should be the last resort.

vintage unitorms

Textiles suffer diminished durability with age. Fibers become brittle, skins dry out, and dyes become more susceptible to color loss. Oxidation, sunlight exposure, and temperature extremes can make it even more challenging. However, vintage clothing and textiles are highly desirable as they provide a window to a time gone past. Restoring and maintaining items exposed to disaster conditions can make the difference and result in a “raving fan.”

Collectible dolls can be both valuable and sentimental. Porcelain, plastic, delicate construction, and high density bodies make the cleaning and odor removal difficult. FRSTeam has developed proprietary treatments to restore dolls of all types. On staff is a professional doll maker with over 20 years of experience who assists with the reconstruction of the most severely damaged dolls.


As one of the country’s most respected and largest wedding gown preservationists, Margaret’s has been performing restoration miracles on all types of wedding and christening gowns for decades. FRSTeam has exclusive access to the country’s most experienced gown restoration and preservation service.

Battenberg lace tablecloths, cut work Irish linen napkins, and hem-stitch sheeting all require properly experienced professional care. Margaret’s full hand finish French Laundry department provides just such care. Crochet repair experts are on staff and available to assist with all types of restoration needs.

Hand made quilts, afghans, crochet items, needlepoint, and knitted Christmas stockings are just a few examples of heirlooms that retain the family heritage. Second only to photographs, these items are cherished and of extreme sentimental value, even if 100% restoration isn’t possible. Margaret’s hand cleaning and delicate touch is the proven solution to care for these treasures.

Hand made heirloom restoration


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