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FRSTeam gladly provides detailed estimates from either an on-site visit from one of the trained estimators or from detailed site photographs. An itemized count, breakdown by service, and location are provided to aid in the analysis. Estimates are provided within 48 hours for a nominal fee that will be applied to the job if FRSTeam is engaged to perform the cleaning services. In most cases, estimates are provided with a “not to exceed” guarantee. Don Canzoneri is the lead estimator with over 25 years of restoration experience.


Since recovery from a disaster can often take a significant amount of time, FRSTeam has multiple large storage facilities dedicated to storing jobs of any size and scope. The combined storage capacity of these facilities is in excess of 225 households of restored items. The unique positive pressure environmental control assures the clothing is maintained free of outside dust or contamination from other areas of the building. All facilities have monitored alarm security and are fully sprinklered.

Don cazoneri

Other Odors

FRSTeam by West Covina Cleaners has seen it all. With a wide range of equipment, technology, and experience, we are well-positioned to succeed in almost any odor removal scenario. We will be glad to discuss the specifics of your immediate challenge and propose a recommended course of remediation. In addition to fire and smoke-related issues, there are numerous additional causes that may result in odor damage to textiles. The illustration highlights some of the types of odor damage that FRSTeam has successfully treated.

 common odors

Fire, Smoke & Soot

FRSTeam understands that different smoke or fire losses require different approaches to restoration. Our smoke and fire damage restoration services are designed to achieve the best possible results. As described throughout this brochure, FRSTeam offers the most comprehensive, responsible, and cost-effective solutions.

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Time is of the essence in water damage situations. FRSTeam greatly minimizes the impact of a loss with prompt response and comprehensive services. With on-hanger site removal (to prevent color dye transfer), restorative drying and stabilization, and quick response cleaning, costs are minimized through the prevention further damage. Dye bleed stripping can be considered for remediation of high-value heirloom and collector items. Weekend pickups and a large strategically-placed fleet make the difference in water-damage situations. (Be sure to roll over image to right)


Sample of water and mold damage Yves handbag


As one of only a few Certified Master Technicians for a proprietary fungicide treatment, FRSTeam offers the newest and most effective mold abatement service for textiles. Cloth, leather, fur, shoes, handbags, luggage, window coverings, and all types of soft goods can be abated. Knowledge and procedures, combined with the recommendations of industry hygienists, ensure the best results in mold remediation. (Be sure to roll over image to right)

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