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Responsive to Needs

Weekend pickups are regularly performed at FRSTeam by West Covina Cleaners. Expediency is particularly important for water damaged items to prevent color dye bleed and mildew formation. FRSTeam is one of only a few garment restoration contractors that offer weekend pickup service. No additional charge is typically incurred for this important convenience.

With the western United States largest restoration production facility and six-days-a-week production, FRSTeam by West Covina Cleaners is able to deliver sizable rush orders in as little as 24 hours and guaranteed 48-hour delivery. Even specialty garments such as leather items can be turned around quickly since almost all specialty articles are professionally processed in-house.

Weekend and Emergency service

FRSTeam’s proprietary software aids in the performance of quick and comprehensive quotes. Photography, itemizing, condition documentation, pricing, and Xactimate (for example) entries are all assisted by the software. Most quotes are produced within 72 hours and include full documentation, photographs, and analysis by both room and cleaning type. See the billing section of the website for further description.

FRSTeam’s fleet of 19 vans located in three counties provides the ability to handle the largest jobs while remaining responsive to multiple calls at a time. With a full-time mechanic on site, the fleet is properly maintained ready to respond to challenging situations.

Responsive fleet of 19 vans throughout southern California

The Total Loss Service Program at FRSTeam by West Covina Cleaners is comprehensive, state-of-the-art, and proprietary. We have the ability to prepare the total loss either on or off-site, depending on the job needs. Full descriptions are provided in a convenient on-line format. The homeowner can complete the purchase information on-line ready for the adjuster to review. Links to images of the garment and the attached label are provided for easy reference. Total loss reports can be customized for the specific insurance specifications. Let FRSTeam by West Covina Cleaners assist with your total loss needs and retyping will never again be necessary (more...)

As the western United States’ largest garment restoration contractor, FRSTeam’s insurance coverage is comprehensive. No shortcuts are taken. Each and every article is insured. A 100% itemized and photographic inventory is recorded. Should a loss ever occur, all information is available to assure accurate recovery. As an added measure, full backups of the data are performed and stored off-site.

FRSTeam’s guarantee is simple. If an item is not returned to its pre-loss condition, the cleaning charge will be removed from the bill.

FRSTeam service guarantee

To minimize cleaning costs and for the convenience of the customer, donation of those articles deemed unworthy of cleaning by the homeowner is handled completely by FRSTeam. A tax credit receipt will be provided to the homeowner for any donations made on their behalf.

Goodwill donation support

FRSTeam’s entire production and storage facilities are alarmed, security monitored, and sprinklered for complete protection of the wardrobes while in our possession.

FRSTeam Sprinklered facilities

FRSTeam by West Covina Cleaners is environmentally responsible. All solvents used are considered “green” or “organic,” with the newest and most advanced being SOLVONK4. FRSTeam takes its environmental responsibility seriously. Recycled materials are utilized whenever possible, efforts are made to reduce paperwork, and hanger recycling is encouraged. With our strategically located facilities, fuel consumption is minimized to aid in pollution reduction.

Green cleaning technologies

FRSTeam is environmentally responsible


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