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Proper Equipment

Cleaning Machines San Diego Convoy locationNot all restoration jobs are the same. Each require differing expertise along with a diverse range of technologies and equipment. The temperature of the fire, presence of food or plastic and other factors, all affect the type of treatment that is best suited. FRSTeam by West Covina Cleaners employs the nation’s broadest spectrum of cleaning and remediation technologies with specialized experts on staff to utilize each to their fullest. With over $10M invested in four state-of-the-art facilities, FRSTeam uses the most current, diverse, and effective techniques customized for each restoration job to assure the finest results.



The most effective treatment for smoke odor is the proper use of ozone. This triatomic molecule can effectively break down the carbon in the soot to safely dissipate leaving the article odor free. However, ozone must be properly applied with the appropriate concentration and time to safely remove the odor without inducing damage to the garment. Only properly trained technicians administer ozone treatment at FRSTeam, which typically produces damage-free results.


Ozone remains the effective smoke removal technique for most applications, but does have its limitations. Wet items cannot be treated with ozone. Leather, rubber, and living organisms also limit its use. A non-toxic green alternative is treatment with Hydroxyl. FRSTeam by West Covina Cleaners utilizes Hydroxyl when ozone is not the best choice, such as a rush emergency order for wet garments.


Just removing the surface discoloration from mold is not sufficient. Properly applied fungicide treatment can effectively annihilate mold and mildew on all types of garments and accessories including fur, leather, suede, and other generally non-treatable items. FRSTeam by West Covina Cleaners is one of just a handful of service providers in the United States licensed to utilize this technique.

Proprietary Techniques

An acceptable remediation technique for a wool garment may not be suitable for restoring a fine leather handbag. FRSTeam’s cleaning and technical staff have developed numerous application- specific techniques to effectively restore garments and accessories that would often be discarded as total loss by other service providers. In short, FRSTeam reduces the value of the claim and often salvages cherished family heirlooms.

Cleaning Technologies & Care for the Environment

An advantage to working with the region’s largest restoration professional, is access to the widest variety of cleaning technologies. No single system is best suited for all jobs. With immediate access to all cleaning technologies available, you can be sure of the best, most effective, and responsive results.


System K4 Green solventThe state-of-the-art in green dry cleaning is SOLVONK4 (or SYSTEMK4) by Kreussler of Germany. Not only is K4 an environmentally friendly solvent, it is also very effective in smoke odor removal. This cleaning system is the best choice for many heavy soot applications.



DF2000 green cleaningAs the first organic cleaning solution, this hydrocarbon solvent remains a workhorse in the industry. DF2000 is very effective in smoke odor removal and can be used on most garment types.




Green Earth

The second generation of green cleaning took great strides in environmental sensitivity, but somewhat compromised its ability to remove soils and odor. However, Green Earth remains an effective tool in the FRSTeam arsenal to clean very delicate items with exquisite beading and painted surfaces. With the proper know-how and technologies, the most delicate articles can often be perfectly restored.


Green Jet

Green Jet cleaningFor garments where the most delicate cleaning is required, Green Jet is a must. Fur, suede, and garments with feathered and delicate embellishments, can all be cleaned in this non-immersive aquabased dry cleaning system. FRSTeam by West Covina Cleaners is one of only a few restoration cleaners nationwide employing the Green Jet technology.


Sanitone master dry cleanerThe cleaning technologies briefly stated above describe the solvents used and their application. As a Certified Master Dry Cleaner of Sanitone, only the finest soaps, detergents, additives and finishes are used. FRSTeam by West Covina Cleaners is one of a select few in Southern California that meets the standards required by Sanitone. These standards assure the crystal clarity of the cleaning solutions through constant filtration and distillation.

Wet Cleaning

Restoration work involves both dry cleaning and wet cleaning techniques. Wet cleaning is done in small batches to prevent cross contamination between jobs. Only the finest detergents are used, including Sanitone and Tide Free for an allergen free alternative.


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