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FRSTeam gladly provides detailed estimates from either an on-site visit from one of the trained estimators or from detailed site photographs. An itemized count, breakdown by service, and location are provided to aid in the analysis. Estimates are provided within 48 hours for a nominal fee that will be applied to the job if FRSTeam is engaged to perform the cleaning services. In most cases, estimates are provided with a “not to exceed” guarantee. Don Canzoneri is the lead estimator with over 25 years of restoration experience.

FRSTeam guarantees the accuracy of billing. Every item is individually evaluated and priced according to industry standards. A
detailed price schedule is provided with the bill that accumulates the cost by item type, location within the home, and type of service
required. Billing information is the most thorough and informative in the industry. We pride ourselves in how quickly and accurately
our estimates and billing processes are performed.

The bulk of FRSTeam’s restoration work is processed to industry standard pricing schedules. Alternative pricing schedules can be accommodated as they become available. The dedicated software provides the ultimate in flexibility. Only high-value and specialty articles require nonstandard pricing as described below. Automated pricing assures accuracy and is updated monthly to reflect the most recent pricing schedules.

Couture and specialty items are individually evaluated, a specific remediation plan assigned for each, and priced accordingly. The
largest cost savings often resides in the salvage of these valuable articles.

Even when considering the elevated processing expenses associated with couture and high-value articles, with garment replacement
costs in the $100’s to $1,000’s, the question of cleaning versus replacing leaves no doubt as to what is the preferred cost saving
approach for high-value wardrobes.

For restoration work involving high-value textiles, choosing the most experienced service provider will result in the lowest claim cost.

Just performing excellent work isn’t enough. Satisfying customers begins with properly handling the initial call and doesn’t end until we
follow up to assure that the final delivery met or exceeded expectations. FRSTeam by West Covina Cleaners takes a “big picture” approach to who our customers are. Contractors, adjusters, homeowners, and other vendors on the job must all be pleased with our performance and results.

Each and every customer is surveyed after the job has been completed. With a response rate greater than 50%, we are pleased to announce that our six month running average is 98% good or excellent ratings. (Customer Quality Surveys)

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